How to Buy Socks That are Good for Your Feet


Many people do not know that today’s socks are not just simple cloth socks. Some socks are designed to cushion impacts, protect joints and relieve pain; some remove moisture to keep feet cool and dry; others even control odor and resist bacteria.

How to Buy Socks

Look for socks with cushioning in the full sole. This is very important, since it gives you protection every time you walk, softening the impact and reducing stress on the heels. Therefore, they will leave your feet less tired at the end of the day.

Note well the size of the socks. Just like shirts, socks come in different sizes and shapes, and although they can stretch, unit all socks will not fit you perfectly and can cause you to burn. If you can feel your sock moving up and down your leg it will be causing abrasion. A good brand of socks has at least four sizes available.

Look for arch support and Y-shaped heel pockets. This allows the sock to grip the arch of the foot, giving a sense of fit. The arch support also helps the sock does not pile up.

Look for a high-density seam. Heavier socks move away moisture and provide more cushioning for a longer period. These socks give better support to the foot and last longer.

Find socks that resist abrasion, or wear out quickly. Look for socks with heel and reinforced fingers, since these are the areas that wear out more easily and quickly.


Many of the problems of foot care are caused by bad socks or shoes that are not suitable for our feet. The syndrome of tired feet, bad smell and burning can be prevented with a pair of good quality socks. To get suitable bulk socks follow wholesale sock manufacturers.


Do not buy cheap one-size socks. The socks “at a bargain price” usually do not last and are the source of the problems of your feet.

Do not wear shoes without socks. The sweat of the feet in leather shoes will cause the inside of the shoe to sweat, increasing the growth of bacteria. This will cause problems with ringworm, warts, athlete’s foot, etc.

Do not wear wet shoes. If your shoes are wet from rain or some other accident, let them dry completely before using them again. They will last much longer and will not develop a bad smell.