Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide


At golf, shoes are the most important equipment right after the club. Looking for comfortable golf shoes? The golf shoes with spikes or without spikes are designed to provide maximum support supports golfers. The best golf shoes for wide feet you will find varied looks, from the most classic cuts to the most sporting lines through brands like Footjoy, Ecco, Callaway or Puma … Lightness and comfort are the watchwords of the manufacturers who have had to adapt to this: softer leathers, mesh fabrics, foam Foam foam, etc … are all technologies put at the service of the golfer to guarantee flexibility, lightness, and comfort when walking.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet


Today you can find great classics like the Dryjoys Tour from Footjoy, or more mature models in terms of look and design as the Pro Sl (Footjoy) or Casual Hybrid (Ecco). Discover without delay our many models of golf shoes for men and the complete collection of golf shoes for women.

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet 2018

Make sure you actually have a wide foot before buying Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet with extra width. Note that on an 18-hole course, a golfer can travel up to ten kilometers. It is therefore imperative that he be well in his shoes. Golf Shoes: Very wide choice of golf shoes – Men’s, women’s and children’s shoes with or without crampons, waterproof or not. The biggest brands of golf shoes are at Golf Plus: FootJoy, Etonic, Adidas, Callaway, Ecco, Mizuno, Nike, Stuburt, Puma, Green’s. Discover our advice and our customer reviews to choose your leather, waterproof, flexible or synthetic shoes for summer or winter! Stability is a fundamental element of the success of your shots, so do not neglect your soles and crampons on golf shoes.

If you need the advice to buy Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet, you are right in the right place. We reveal everything about our price comparison. The three characteristics you should be careful about when choosing are the types, weight, and tightness of the golf shoes.

Top 10 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet Buying List

A good shoe for wide fit is durable, comfortable and with unique shaft designs for enhanced shoe performance. Any keen golfer will know about the significance of owing the fitting administration. This incorporates shoes as well as different things, for example, shoes and gloves also. We considered all these features and more when reviewing these best golf shoes:

  1. Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe – Check Now

2. New Balance Men’s NBG2004 Golf Shoe –  Check Now

3.  Vivobarefoot Women’s Linx Golf Shoe


 Check Now

4. Men’s Footjoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe Wide – Check Now

5.  FootJoy Closeout GreenJoys Men’s Golf Shoe – Check Now

6.  New Balance Men’s NBG3001 Golf Shoe – Check Now

7.  Men’s Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoe – Previous Season Style – Check Now

8.  adidas Men’s Tour 360 Boost Cblack/FTW Golf Shoe – Check Now

9.  adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoe – Check Now

10. Callaway Balboa SL Men’s Golf Shoe, Brand New – Check Now

Finally more 100+ Best Golf Shoes Wide Feet men And Women.

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet  Buying Guide

  1. Durable Material

The choice of golf shoe materials basically lies amongst calfskin and manufactured. While engineering is much more typical in light of its ease, calfskin is certainly the best choice on the off chance that you have the cash as it inhales better and has the additional advantage of being waterproof. We would exhort every genuine player buy cowhide, nonetheless, on the off chance that you simply play for entertainment only sometimes then a less expensive manufactured combine will do fine and dandy. Keep in mind, however, the engineered material will extend after some time, ending up less fitted.

2.Lacing System

Customary shoe bands are still by a long shot the most prominent binding framework with regards to golf shoes, be that as it may, there are a few other choices accessible. Velcro lashes are currently being utilized rather than bands by a few makers for straightforward usability. They’re speedy and simple to lash on and off. Another binding framework that is gradually being presented is the restrictive framework.

Like that of the binding frameworks found on ski boots, the exclusive framework absolutely functions admirably, yet is frequently more costly. By and by, on the off chance that you don’t play frequently then you truly don’t have to think about it.

3. Stability

Dependability is especially an individual inclination. A few players incline toward a tight, cozy fit that holds your feet shake strong, while different players favor a little development for adaptability. There is no set in stone here, yet in the event that you do experience the ill effects of any feet condition, the general govern is to keep them as cozy as conceivable to decrease development. has been a decent measure of open deliberation over the issue of strength as of late. Taller and greater individuals have a tendency to incline toward more tightly choices likewise as it encourages them to keep their adjust on shots.


4. Weight

Being on your feet unendingly, your shoes will start to feel all the more overwhelming with each agonizing moment. Hence, buying a golf shot with as meager weight as conceivable is a smart thought. Both cowhide and manufactured materials are light, simply ensure how much the soul weighs as this can change drastically from shoe to shoe. Your feet will thank you for those last couple of openings!

5. Waterproof golf shoe

Waterproof Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet are dependably a reward, especially on the off chance that you play in the wet climate or early morning dews. By and by, calfskin dominates the competition here in view of its characteristic climate sealing capacities. This comes at a cost however and you have to consider genuinely that it is so imperative to you. On the off chance that you play in dry, hot conditions at that point having a waterproof shoe is extremely a bit much.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

  1. New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf Shoe

 Understand the tremendous advantages of utilizing the New Adjust NBG518 Golf Shoe which accompanies one of a kind work and manufactured overlays.

 The consideration of the 10mm foot rear area to toe drop gets you low to the ground for enhanced execution. Other than that, the shoe additionally has a unique elastic sole and sturdy material development for improved solace. The shoe is adjusted to guarantee it gives the ideal fit.

                                                                                                         – Check Now

2.  Men’s Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoe – Previous Season Style

you have not encountered the best of golf shoes in the event that you have not gone for the Mens Footjoy form arrangement. These shoes accompany a full grain cow

hide plan that gives you a chance to capitalize on any fairway. Other than that, the shoes likewise have an agreeable inside and advantageous ribbon up configuration to make it helpful to bind your shoes. The shoes have a noteworthy interest to make them ideal for your easygoing wear applications.

Check Now  

 3.  Adidas Men’s Tech Response Ironman/Ftww Golf Shoe

Adidas is one of the business pioneers with regards to shoes and clothing. Appreciate the economic wellbeing related to owning Adidas items such a the Adidas men’s tech reaction golf shoes. These shoes are lightweight and with the one of a kind engineered upper outline. This gives enhanced solace and breathability to coordinate your execution needs. Also, the consideration of the delicate EVA Insole gives lightweight solace and breathability to upgraded comfort benefits.


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4.  Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Blade Golf Shoe

Appreciate the prevalent advantages of owning great hitting the fairway shoes, for example, the Skechers Execution Mens go Golf Sharp edge Shoe. These shoes are intended to consolidate innovation and solace in reduced outline. All the more in this way, the shoes likewise accompany a low drop padded sole and completely waterproof upper with a crossbreed footing framework. The shoes are likewise intended for improved execution, with the consideration of a solid padded sole that is ideal for any landscape compose.

 – Check Now 


By and large, having a decent match of golf shoes is vital to your delight on the green. While you can change clubs, you can’t change shoes on the course. In the same way as other things, the more cash you spend, the better fit and solace levels you’ll encounter. Search for lightweight alternatives that offer amazing hold and strength. Never bargain on comfort. Nobody needs torment on a fairway and it’s anything but difficult to harm yourself with the wrong match of shoes. Despite the fact that style is additionally imperative, there is not a viable alternative for fit and this should dependably start things out.